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HEMP HEARTS - Shelled Hemp Seeds

HEMP HEARTS - Shelled Hemp Seeds

MotherNature's SUPERFOOD!
HEMP HEARTS - Shelled Hemp Seeds
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Oh the beauty of Mother Nature ---

Empress Sativa Hulled Hemp Seeds are a true gift to mankind. This tiny, innocent, unassuming fruit of the Cannabis sativa L plant known as HEMP, packs a nutritional punch unrivaled by any other on the planet. Loaded with the most concentrated source of essential nutrients known, they are a perfect source for the omega fatty acids 3, 6, & 9, bringing you several times more omega 3 than fish. They are a perfect protein source, more digestible than soy, they contain more amino acids than milk, meat, or eggs, they provide you with more energy than energy bars without the sugar and much less saturated fat. They are the perfect food for those who wish to cut down or be free of gluten, sugar, milk, nuts and meat.

A five tablespoon serving per day - taken in the morning will hold you through lunch with complete nourishment.

With proper nourishment like that gained from a daily intake of Hemp Seeds, and a rest from having to process high starch, high sugar, high saturated fat content foods, your body will heal many of the modern day health issues faced. Issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, irritable bowl syndrome, diseases like celiacs and crohns, skin & hair problems, depression, and the list goes on ...

Give yourself the gift of a whole, healthy food on a regular basis and live a better life ...

* Hulled Hemp Seeds, Shelled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Nuts, Hemp Hearts, Hulled Hemp Nuts, Shelled Hemp Nuts (and other name variations) -- are all names that describe the same Hemp item; the inner portion of the Hemp Seed left after the hull or outer casing has been removed. Know that the word "nut" is a misnomer as the Hemp Seed is not a nut in any way. Hemp Seeds are safe for all those who have an allergy to nuts.

STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Hulled Hemp Seeds are a very stable food and need not be kept refrigerated. Our recommendation is to keep out of direct sunlight and preferably stored in a dark environment like a pantry. Shelf life is reported at one year though many people find it lasts much longer.
See More on Hemp Seeds (Hearts)
Ideas on how to eat your 5 tablespoons/day
In your yogurt for breakfast
In your cereal
Make Hemp Milk - 4 parts water/1 part Hulled Hemp Ratio - blend and use, add vanilla or honey as you desire
Put a shaker of Hulled Hemp on table and add to all meals -- like salt & pepper
Put in your salads
Mix in your salad dressings with half the parmasean cheese called for
Replace the bread in breading on meats
Add to a smoothie
Mix in your peanut butter, jam or honey and use as normal
Put in baking where nuts are called for
Put in all icings, spreads, dips
Use in soups, stews & casseroles as a thickener
Mix with garlic & other spices and use as a condiment
Blend to butter and use as such - flavour as you like
Per Five Tablespoon Serving (55g): Benefits
314 calories of energy from 20g of protein .55mg vitamin C
23.2g unsaturated fats (14.9g Omega 6, 4.7g Omega 3, and 3.5g Omega 9) .07mg vitamin B6
27g saturated fats .18mg vitamin B2
5.9g carbohydrates .76mg vitamin B1
3.3g fiber 1200 IU vitamin D
2.6mg iron 2.2 IU vitamin A
40.6 mg calcium .38 g potassium
5mg soduim .4 g phosphorus
5 mg vitamin E
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Best EczemaThe Hemp oil is amazing! My daughter had really bad eczema on the back on the back of her legs. We started using the oil and within about a week most of the ezcema had healed! I think we are on our fourth bottle! We have been using it rather than cortisone as natural alternative and recommending it to family and friends! Written by Aman on Sat 19 Apr 2014 3:14:03 PM GMT
Gotta Have Em...I purchased a one pound bag of Shelled Hemp Seeds to sample. To my surprise, those little seeds were really good. Love them plain or sprinkled over my food. Only one problem to report--I ran out before ordering more. I miss my Shelled Hemp Seeds. The get up and go they gave me got up and went. Can't wait to get my new order. So true the saying, "You don't miss your water (shelled hemp seeds) til your well (bag) runs dry." Written by Devorah on Tue 7 Feb 2012 12:40:03 AM GMT
Taste greatI received my Hemp heart and I am excited to eat it each morning. It took exactly 2 weeks to arrived here in FL. I have been eating my 5 Tablespoons mixed in with 1 tablespoon extra virgin organic coconut oil and 1 teaspoon organic honey, and this is so tasty and filling. I am eating it for breakfast. Looking forward to being more healthy for 2012. Thanks for the lip balm, I am using it on my elbows mostly, as they are always dry and rough, so far it makes my elbows smooth and soft. Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous Christmas and 2012. Written by Michelle Crawford on Sat 24 Dec 2011 3:35:24 PM GMT
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We are a company passionate about HEMP, the health of the planet and your health. 

We are excited and proud to bring hemp products into the mainstream by promoting greater public awareness to the exceptional, nutritious and healthy composition contained within the hemp seed. The proven nutritional benefits of hemp seeds and oil products are a great addition to your diet and personal care regime. 

You will find our Empress Sativa Hemp product line contains Hemp Food items as well as a complete line of Hemp Skin, Body, & Hair Care items.. 



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